What We Do

At The Comfort Group, servitude is still a high calling. Despite an erosion of the service mentality in the business community, we maintain a belief that through serving our clients and standing behind our work, we accomplish our main objective to always be there. Be there when a problem needs solving. Be there when a schedule needs pushing. Be there when our first attempt was just not enough.

Mechanical Contracting

The Comfort Group’s objective is simple: to be a vital member of the construction team, to provide impeccable quality and service and to perform our work in the safest manner possible. Our results are achieved through proactive efforts and experience.

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Our dedication to preplanning installations is The Comfort Group’s trademark. Every design we create and build is supported by in-house fabrication services with extensive expertise and quality control.

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HVAC Service

The Comfort Group HVAC Service Division was originally created to support our construction division by maintaining the new commercial, industrial, and institutional HVAC equipment that we installed.

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Virtual Coordination

The construction industry is evolving toward a more collaborative process of design, requiring individual contractors to coordinate with other members of the project team. The Comfort Group takes a proactive approach to space planning within each building.

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