The Comfort Group utilizes its 12,000 square foot onsite facility to fabricate over 500,000 lbs of sheetmetal annually. Focusing on in-house production of rectangular ductwork, The Comfort Group is able to pre-plan the most complex job requirements to ensure seamless delivery and install.

The Comfort Group also utilizes its 15,000 square foot off-site facility in Nashville, TN to assemble modular designs ready for installation on job sites. With the construction industry ever changing and technology advancement in BIM modeling, The Comfort Group can team up with Engineers and Designers and pre-fabricate as much of a system as possible off-site. The ability to do this has resulted in increased safety, cost control, productivity enhancements, as well as material flow to the job site.

Fabrication offsite allows for better planning on the front end, which allows for more flexibility for schedule and design changes. The Comfort Group’s continued investment in new technology allows for fast, accurate, and quality construction in an ever-changing environment. Our dedication to preplanning installations is The Comfort Group’s trademark.